Thursday, July 21, 2005

Current Projects

I am working on a couple of pairs of socks, but one is black , and one is navy. My Wednesday night knitting alternates between a Barnes & Noble that is very well lit, and a Borders that is very dimly knit. Last night was at Borders, so the dark socks weren't going to work. Neither was the idea of starting a shawl with the plum baby alpaca that I brought back from Peru.

I have been tempted by all of the mentions of Birch, the shawl in Rowan 34 that has become a popular project in the knitting/blogging world. I saw Claudia's at the Alden Amos workshop last month and really liked it. The pattern is written for Kidsilk Haze, but in looking over my stash spreadsheet, I have some Douceur Swirl, the multicolor version of Douceur et Soie, in a light taupe with soft sage, rose, and gold hightlights. I think it will work really well as a substitute for the Rowan yarn. However, I am reserving opinion on working from the long side of the triangle down to the point - casting on 299 stitches was no fun! The only good thing will be that it will go much faster as I get going further than the 3 rows I now have. I will post a picture after it gets to a length that starts to look like something.

Good thoughts are going out to Rosebyany this weekend as she continues her journey - watch a chick flick for me, too!


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