Sunday, August 05, 2007

Interesting Encounter

Last evening we went to the movies, at the local small-town theater that was built in the 40's, where movies still cost $5, and they pop their own popcorn. (Our town even has a drive-in, people drive over an hour in summertime to bring their kids to a real drive-in) I took along a sock, I pretty much always have a sock in my purse or tote, for those little down-times and waiting times.

This theater has been in the same family for it's whole life, and last night they were showing a 30-minute short of movie recordings that the current owner's grandfather had made of various summer parades and festivals. The lights were up, people were arriving and chatting, and I was knitting. Most people know that I am not a sentimental knitter or spinner, knitting is kind of like breathing to me. I can't imagine not doing it, but I don't give it more meaning than as my constant companion, so I don't really get care about getting attention for doing it. Last night was a little different, though.

I was working on a sock bespoke by Jennifer of Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Toe-up, as many of my sock patterns are, and only begun in the morning, before I went to a spin-in.
(notice that I'm not revealing any real design here, I don't know exactly how Jen is going to use the pattern)
I heard a kid-voice say "that's so cool". Right behind me was a 8-9 year old boy, who had moved down about 6 seats from his family to watch me knit.
"I knit, too, my grandma taught me".
That's great, I said, do you like it?
"I really like it, I know how to purl, too. Are you making a sock?"
Yes, I am. I make lots of socks.
"I know how to make a blanket, it's really wide, like this". (he held his hands about 2 feet apart) "I worked on my grandma's blanket, but I know how to do one myself. But socks are so great, you just knit around and around, kind of like a spiral, and it makes a tube, any size you want to make".
Yes, I say, that's how you make a sock. At this point in the conversation I am thinking that here is a knitter for life, a kid who will combine knitting with little league and science projects. His mom tries to get his attention, but he tells her he's busy and will come back in a minute.
"Wow, you knit really fast, and so little. I've never knit with needles that small. (size 1) No purls, huh? The stitches are so small and tight. Can I see the inside?"
I showed him the inside of the sock toe, and told him that he certainly can knit with needles that small, it just takes a little practice.
We chatted, discussing the type of yarn, and the cool colors dyed by my friend. The lights started to dim. His mom told him he'd miss out on popcorn if he didn't come back, and I folded up my knitting to watch Transformers. Adam was still staring at the boy.
Knitting is cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is really so very cool!! Loved reading that, and hearing about kids who are really and truly interested like he is.

See you in October!

Hugs, Jen

1:54 PM, August 14, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sweet little story.

Julie The Purple Chick

8:26 PM, September 06, 2008  

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