Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blue Spruce Shawl

The Bluce Spruce Shawl, my version of the Redwood Shawl pattern from SpiritTrail Fiberworks. The yarn is also from Spirit Trail, and is beautifully soft kid mohair/nylon blend, dyed in blues/purples and greens/blues colorways. I had the blue in my stash since Rhinebeck last year, and was suddenly inspired at Cummington by the pattern to combine it with the green, which was newly in Jen's stock. Hah, it never hit the booth before it joined my stash, and I cast on the shawl on the Tuesday after Memorial day. Since it's mohair, it was done on large needles, 10 or 10 1/2 I think, and took about 2 1/2 weeks to finish. Good thing, too, because it quickly got too hot around here to knit mohair!
Detail of the pattern
And here the variegation of the colors show up really well. I love the look of lace in non-solid yarn, as long as its not too busy to see the lace pattern. The pattern in the blue here is called Fir Cone, and in the original design is done in an orangey-brown. I just really liked the blue colorway, and since Charlotte was done in pink/orange, I went with the blue. Hence, the change from Redwood to Blue Spruce Shawl.

Added a little more to Birch last night. Also discovered that my dress form makes a great tank top model - more to follow on this later in the week.