Thursday, July 28, 2005

Birch, and New Acquisition

I have been knitting on Birch when I can, which means when I am in strong AC. It's being made of Douceur Swirls, which is about the weight of sewing thread, and is 70% kid mohair/30%silk. Really wonderful, and the variegated colors are very subtle and beautiful. (So subtle that they only show up so-so in photos)

I think this variegated version of Douceur et Soie may have been discontinued, I got it over a year ago in the sale room at Woodland Woolworks. If anyone is ever visiting in northwestern Oregon, take a detour to this store - the sale room alone will make it worth your while. Great deals on LOTS of yarn, and often in large amounts, some fiber on sale, and generally a bunch of used spinning and weaving equipment that has been taken as trade-ins on new equipment. Of course, they have a lot of great full-price stuff, too, and an amazing 2 walls of needles and knitting essentials.

I probably should mention here that while I am not affiliated with this store except as a customer, it is only 12 minutes (exactly 12 minutes unless you end up behind a tractor or cultivator or horse) from our farm in Newberg, Oregon. This is entirely a coincidence, though I think there are people that doubt this - I did not know exactly where the store was when we were farm-shopping a few years ago. Now that I know exactly where they are, I hope Charlie and Melda and their store are there forever, especially after I move out in a couple of years.

Enough of a digression, here is a Birch-in-progress after 8 days:

I am knitting this on #7 Bryspun circulars, 29 inch length. I love these needles! I have about 8 sets, and plan on getting most sizes in both 16" and 29" eventually. The cables are really, really flexible, and the points are nice and pointy. The join is okay, and I can live with that. Great for lace! The color shows up okay, not perfect but you can get the effect of the taupe base color, with dusty rose and sage green mixed in.

Another recent purchase that I really like, an oak spinning stool that fits me perfectly! No additions to the spinning wheel stash, which may be a surprise to some.
Note the nice curve and the handy handle for easy carrying - this has been going all over the house with me. Don't know who makes these, but I got it from The Mannings booth at MAFA, and other than a couple of little bags of soy silk that were on sale (so I was duty-bound to buy them), it was my only purchase.

More from MAFA soon - I realized that I have fun little felted things to show off from a class I took with Ruth Walker, I'll be taking pictures of these soon and posting them.