Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maybe a Weaver?

I'm off at the CNCH (Norther California Handweavers) conference this weekend to see if it is possible that there can be a type of weaving that I enjoy. I suspect that even though I don't like weaving on regular looms, mostly because I truly despise the warping process, I will like both tapestry and knotted rug weaving, because they are done on frame looms and the warping process is not nearly as tedious (tastes differ here, I conceed).

Here are the yarns I spun and dyed for my knotted pile sample:

And here is the motif from one of our carpets that I will be basing my design on for one of my 5" x 6" samples:
Sara Lamb, my teacher for the weekend, tells me that I will have to do only part of the motif, as I have an area of 30 knots x 40 knots in my sample. Not so big, but I will still only get about 1" done, she says.

The conference is at Asilomar, a lovely park conference center on the Monteray Peninsula. Beach photos in a future post.