Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh, no, I bought more yarn!

Friday the painters were supposed to come, so one of us had to stay home. I decided that I could work from home more easily, so I continued the clearing out of kitchen, laundry room, baths, and bedroom that was mostly done. Finally at 9:45 (too late to go into work on the train) they called, weren't going to make it because the truck was dead. So, what's a person to do? Go to the LYS that has everything 25% off for a going-out-of business sale, naturally.

It was a sad pilgrimage, I've been going to Goldman's Yarn Store since I graduated from college, over 25 years ago. Mr. Goldman told me that his family had been in the business, first in the Bronx and then up in Westchester, for 85 years. Their children aren't interested in continuing the business, so they will just be closing down and liquidating the inventory. I did my part, scoring some nice basic Galway, Candide, Donegal Tweed, and sock yarn.

I also remembered that I had received a card for a sale from another LYS, with the tempting words "50% off sale yarns", so while I was out I went over there. Turned out that even the non-sale yarns were on sale (Kid Silk Haze at 25% off!), so another bag went into the car. For someone who is moving in a few months, I sure have trouble in not feeding the stash monster.

I am totally frustrated with my house, the painters did come on Saturday, and now whole rooms are empty, spackled, and draped in plastic. The kitchen is either packed to move, or sitting in open boxes in the dining room. Everything echoes! The only couple of rooms that look and feel good are on the third floor, and luckily one of those rooms is my sewing/yarn room. I spent most of Sunday moving yarn stash tubs into the attic, packing up fabric and notions, and throwing out old magazines, wrapping paper, and stuff that I can't remember why I was saving. It looks great now - too bad I don't keep it this way all of the time.

And magazines - why is it I can't part with sewing, food, gardening, and knitting magazines? Do I really want to move all of these - well, yes I do, but does it make sense? Especially with all of the books that will be moving, too. This is a decision that I'm going to postpone for a month or two.

I started my Fiesta Feet (Lucy Neatby pattern) Knitting Olympics socks, the first is done to the bobbles, and the second is 3/4 through the sideways garter stitch cuff. I'll take pictures soon. No real progress on the FLAK, I will be taking these two projects to SPA in Maine this weekend, so hopefully I'll do better on it there.