Tuesday, February 07, 2006

FLAK Update

It's about time that I finish and post the upper back of the sweater, now that the next installment of the directions has been posted, so here it is:

The color is really off, it is actually a sea-green, with little flecks of brighter green and aqua. The pictures on blog entries from last month are actually much closer to the true color.

Here is a close-up of the cable details:

I'm just about ready to have it finished and will then put the back on a holder and cast on the front. One thing that is still open for decision is whether to make a pullover or a cardigan. I'm not sure that pullovers are my favorite type of sweater, but there are definately advantages to knitting a pullover in that it goes faster - and I don't dislike pullovers, they just are a little less versatile in the wearing. I'm going to have to decide this week, so that I can get started on the front(s?).

I'm adding the Team NY Knitting Olympics button to the sidebar - tough choice as to which team to join, but since I'm moving later this year, I decided to go with NY while I still can.