Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Book Stash

Immediate Disclosure - no pictures today, so if you're a picture junkie, you're out of luck. I just got back from a business trip.

Books. I will now freely admit to the entire world, or at least to myself and the subset of the world that reads the blog, that I have as little will power about books as I do about yarn and fiber. I buy books, lots of books. I buy fiction, non-fiction, hardcovers, paperbacks, used and new books. And, I am really bad about ever letting go of books, even the ones I don't like. There is one exception to this - the cheap, used paperbacks that I carry when I travel. I buy them at library booksales and rummage shops, usually paying only 25 or 50 cents, and I leave them freely in hotel rooms, on airplanes, and wherever I am when I finish reading them. They are mysteries, sci fi, romances, chick lit, or anything else that looks as if it will keep me entertained for at least a couple of hours (I am a very fast reader, especially when it's light fiction). But the rest of the books take up space - a lot of space.

My husband is a big advocate of using the library. I do use the library, I have been a library user since childhood. I looked forward to the Saturday trips to the county library, and my mother was persuaded to authorize an "adult section" card for me when I was 10, the earliest that they would allow. I volunteered in the school library, both in elementary and junior high. Nothing is better, though than going into Borders and bringing home a stack of books. Or getting a nice big box from Amazon or Overstock. I have lots of bookcases in the house, because I buy another one or two a year. Lately, because I've discovered and my ipod, I have slowed the accumulation slightly, so this year it should be only one new bookcase. At some point in the future, we'll have to move, and boy will the movers hate me - books are heavy. I don't think I'll get rid of many, though, because then I won't be able to re-read them all without finding them again, and some would be difficult to find.

Knitting books - these are irresistible, even the ones that if I am honest about, I know I'll never make anything from. I love reading them, and getting excited about the neck of a sweater, or a beautiful color combination, or a clever edging on an aran that effectively disguises "cable spread". I am happy right now because I have recently received two books that I really wanted, Knitting Lace by Susanna Lewis, and The Art of Shetland Lace by Sarah Don. I am so excited, I want to cast on immediately. I have controlled myself, though, by the fact that there are 2 more WIPs that I remembered which need to be added to the list (from my last posting).
  • Coat in Rowan Felted Tweed, seed stitch, about 1/3 finished
  • Pullover in Tagliatelli, 1/2 finished
So, since the only thing removed is the Morehouse laceweight that has been frogged, and the work that I have put in on others hasn't quite resulted in completions yet, I am holding back due to the (revised) total of 13 WIPs. No new beginnings, not until I am down into single-digit WIPs.


Not even the gray Border Leicester Laceweight that I am spinning, that would be a beautiful shawl.

Not yet.