Friday, June 15, 2007

Back, and making it up with cute kid & sheep picture!

Sorry for the gap - I got home from NHSW and Virginia, and then had computer problems. I went off to Fiber in the Forest before I had a chance to figure out the cure. Fiber in the Forest is a long weekend of weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, and basketry that takes place in southwestern OR each spring. Anyone in the OR/No. Cal. area should consider coming, it's a fun retreat with a batch of three-day classes, a select few nice vendors, and great food. No cell or wireless service, though, as the camp is tucked in the mountains between I5 and the Oregon coast. I'll blog about it soon.

I got home, figured out how to do a system restore without losing all of my files (and am very proud of myself for getting to this resolution) but then went off to NWRSA conference in Coeur d'Alene, leaving my husband at home with friends from TX. Two days after I got home, I headed to a graduation in southern OR. Now I'm home, back at my local coffe shop with wifi, uploading photos.

A major reason for my near-panic in dealing with my laptop was that the problems were focused in a couple of areas - the wireless connection and the audio/iTunes. These are both pretty important to me, blogging, and my listening pleasure while traveling, knitting or spinning, so I have a little excuse for the lack of blog posts, as well as my crazy schedule. Now I'm home for a little while, except for a couple of days and nights at Black Sheep Gathering, so I'll hope to make up for it.

So for now, here is a shot of cute kids and sheep at the NH Sheep and Wool Show. As soon as I pulled out my camera, they went immediately into "show mode", as if I was a 4-H judge. Heck, I was never even in 4-H!

In closing for now, the view from the back porch last night. We're seeing sunset at about 9pm these days, and they've been nice lately. (I'm up for sunrise, too, but the hills on the other side block the good views)

More spinning, knitting and weaving (!) posts to come soon.