Monday, September 12, 2005

Back home with (more) New Socks

Now, if you are wondering about my sanity, or maybe my predictive powers about the weather, don't. I am a dedicated sock knitter, and I'm not even sure why this developed. It is partly, I suppose, that I am a train commuter for my job, and I also do a lot of traveling for this same job, mostly on planes though sometimes on longer-distance trains. Socks fit in a briefcase, purse or tote bag with no difficulty. It's not any real problem to fit an extra ball or two of sock yarn into a small carry-on suitcase, either, and this is important because once I finished a pair of socks on a cross-country flight, and had NOTHING TO KNIT! This was a major problem, and one that I don't ever want to have happen again, so the extra yarn always goes in the bag. I also knit socks because I love wearing handmade socks, as does my entire extended family, who start begging whenever they see me knitting. There are never too many socks coming off the needles.

Anyway, London was still right there when I went back on Tues. night, after having returned home from London on Sunday. This was a much busier trip, lots of meetings and meals, so knitting time was scarce. I did get over to Liberty to look at the Rowan, and bought - not one thing! The continuing poor showing of the dollar in relation to the pound has resulted in prices that are just about the same as I can get here, so I decided to pass. The Colinette of the weekend before was still about 50% less, go figure. I did make it to one of the bookstores I like, though, so I definitely carried back a few treasures.

So I cast on for a new pair of socks on the ride out to JFK, finished one and started the second on the flight back, and finished it Saturday. I'm not really supposed to be starting anything new, but I'm counting socks as needed preparation for my class at the KR Retreat. In addition to these latest ones, I've made a bunch of little ones, and will be doing more little ones to demonstrate more heel/toe styles.

So here are the latest, toe-up with garter stitch toes and heels, some patterning on the leg, and a rib-with-reverse-stockinette cuff edge. All of this was pretty much made up on the fly, and the short-rowing adjusted on the first heel so that I liked the end result. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Super Sock, and I will not use this again - the yardage is low (223 yds) for a pair of socks, and I'm not willing to buy two skeins at $20 each.

I'm now going to dig out one of the sweaters-in-progress, and see if I can get it closer to completion before it gets cold around here. I also need to get my projects together for traveling again, as I head out to the farm this Friday, then meetings in Colorado next week.