Monday, March 27, 2006

Self-Indulgent Fiber Weekend

I did pretty much exactly what I planned this weekend - I had a Saturday all to myself (Adam was at a conference) and I stayed in sweats all day, read, knit and spun, ordered Chinese take-out delivery, read, knit and spun some more, and watched Little Women and Calendar Girls on DVD. It was my birthday, and I had a really great time!
And this is what I spun, though I finished spinning and plyed it on Sunday. It's 4 oz. of superwash merino, dyed in periwinkle and rose by Jen of Spirit Trail, which when done had become 440 yards of 17 wpi sock yarn. When I have a nice hand-painted top or roving, one of my favorite ways to spin it is to split the entire length in two, then spin a bobbin from each half, then ply together. This usually results in softly changing colors that match up as much or more than they barberpole. I find that when I just spin from the roving or top, the colors get more blended than I like as I draft, so I also separate each color section as I spin, allowing less intermingling of the colors. This particular top was spun worsted style and 2 plied.