Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back, and soon to travel again

I know, I know - but even though I have tried to install satellite internet at the farm, it is not working properly. To be really honest, maybe the Hughes net is working, but the wireless router is not, and the cable directly from the satellite is in the not-yet-completed studio, so unless I want to sit there on a folding chair, and risk the sawdust getting in the laptop, I'm still resigned to visiting Neil's Java Jungle in town to do anything much more than getting email. (By the way, the coffee is great, and the guys are nice, if you're ever in the area)

I've been to Sweden, I've been to South Dakota, I've been to Omak, WA, I've been to SOAR, San Diego and Rhinebeck - I think that covers the travels. Of course, it doesn't REALLY cover them, but for now it does. If I get the satellite wireless working, I'll post more about some of them.

For now I'll concentrate on more current events. I've been busily working on the Swedish Bohus-style colorwork that I'll be teaching at the Knitters Review Retreat in about 10 days. Here is a photo of the completed project in the cool colors, for the Friday class-
which is a headband that could be expanded to a hat. The Saturday class will do some swatching, on a smaller circumference, of generally the same pattern, which has been charted in warm brown/orange colors as well as these blues/greens.
I interrupted my prep on Saturday to attend the Aurora Colony Handspinners Guild Workshops Day, and had a very good time. I took a wheel and lunch, worked, ate, and chatted, and then took a needle felting class in the afternoon. Needle felting, you ask? (I haven't ever been too excited about doing needle felting) Well, yes, but look what I made in the class-
It's Tanya, the felted tea cozy! She's a Border Leicester (bet you could tell that, right?) who is named after one of the Philly zoo sheep whose fleece I dealt with a couple of years ago. She's posing on the teapot in the bottom shot, but her normal perch is as above, sitting on top of the fridge watching everything. It was worth the despised needle felting.
I don't have any current photos of the new studio-in-progress, but my only comment is that it may be ready for me to move into by the new year - seriously. I know that contracting is not an exact science, and our guy is good, but why do they always tell you it's going to take about 1/4 of the time it really takes? At least it's now in the stage where all of the remaining work is inside, so rain can't slow it down even more.
Oh, and I also have acquired 3 additional wheels in the past 3 1/2 weeks, which I think is a record even for me. Two are on their way here, one came home in the car from northern WA. Photos and info on them will be making a future appearance.