Monday, August 08, 2005

Birch - Finished

Okay, here it finally is on display-

Birch, made from the pattern in Rowan 34 and 3 skeins of Douceur Swirls which is 70% kid mohair and 30% silk. I had a hard time taking a photo of this shawl, because it is a light color and I don't have a lot of dark backgrounds in my house. It's just on the dining table here, doesn't really fit but you get the idea. This is a really weightless-feeling shawl, but I imagine it will be pretty warm because of the mohair.
Another close-up shot-
I have now instituted a rule for myself that I MUST FINISH at least 2 of my UFOs before I can start any additional projects. I was starting to get overwhelmed by the number of things I have going, and the lace projects have been way too appealing lately. Helped by the fact that I am taking massive amounts of allergy medicines for a reaction to a minor virus this weekend, I finished a pair of socks that are intended to be a Christmas gift, and am about 10 rows short of finishing a fair isle bag/backpack that has been going since the spring. I really like working on the bag, but I kind of lost sight of it for a while.
I hope I can stick to the resolve, I have a couple of larger sweater projects that won't get finished quite as quickly, but if I can stick to finishing stuff, I'll feel much more organized, and will have new sweaters to wear this fall as an added bonus!
No spinning other than a little on a spindle, my hands and feet are pretty puffy from the viral reaction and spinning is just not going to be comfortable until this is cleared up.