Monday, April 03, 2006

Too Much (is this possible?) Spinning

I think I overdid it this weekend.

Friday was an opera night - boy, am I going to miss New York opera availability when I move! I need to remember to check on a subscription to whatever Portland has and I guess that a good thing is that it will undoubtedly be less expensive!

I didn't get home until 1am, and I need to leave my house at 7am to drive to Enfield, CT for the Nutmeg Spinning Guild meetings, which are the first Saturdays in February, April, June, October, and December. I was SO tempted to skip this one, until I remembered that it might be my last. So I got up at 6, pulled myself, my Gem, a lunch, and some spinning supplies together and was out of the house by 7:10am. And I do love my iPod, because I had a great book to pop in and listen to on the 1 hour 45 minute drive (The Game by Laurie R. King, for any of you who are mystery fans).

A nice time at guild, with an interesting program on solar dyeing by Jeannie Bakridges from Vermont. She will be teaching at SOAR this year, so it was nice to meet her before I have to send in choices. I spun, listened, and chatted with friends until about 3pm, then headed for home.

The spinning I took was some periwinklish purple wool/mohair from Buckwheat Bridge Angoras that I bought 2 pounds of at a TKGA market a couple of years ago. Over a couple of months back then I spun up and plied a couple of bobbins, decided that it was nice spun woolen long draw, then got intimidated by the amount left to spin and put it away. I took it to the Maine Spa in February, and spun up another couple of skeins. So when I was hurrying to put together spinning stuff on Saturday morning, it was with the Gem so I took it along and filled about 3/4 of a bobbin.

I spun some more Saturday night, finishing that bobbin and starting another. Got up and began spinning on Sunday morning, progressing to more bobbins, and started plying in the afternoon. Plied until about 9:30, though I had taken breaks all day for meals, computer time, cooking, etc. And at the end of the weekend, this is what I had:
Over 1100 yards of DK weight 2-ply yarn. When I find the skeins that were done before, I think I'll have about 1600-1700 yards to play with. A sweater's worth!
BUT, I woke up this morning with aching arms, aching enough that I took a couple of Advils before I took my shower. I still have twinges, and I think I've deduced that it is probably from spinning long draw on a double treadle wheel while sitting on the sofa, but it was worth it. Maybe I'll knit the sweater this fall.