Thursday, May 10, 2007

Short Notes on MDSW

Just a quick post as we (Jen of Spirit Trail Fiberworks and me, her booth help) are getting ready to hit the road for the next show, New Hampshire Sheep & Wool.

Maryland was bigger and better than ever - better because there seemed to be more people that were having a great time and were in a good mood (maybe because the weather was a little cooler than the last couple of years?), the food lines were shorter, and there were more "facilities" scattered around.

We set up the booth-
Martha and Bess were also booth babes at MDSW, and here you see them in their elements, Martha handling the checkout table, and Bess attracting newbies with her spindle and Jen's rovings.

We're at the far end of the Main Building,
but the shoppers and browsers came in droves, and we pretty much sold out of sock yarn and mohair (is this a knitting trend we hadn't heard about?). The photo is before opening on Saturday, and Jen is still think about what we might have forgotten (nothing important).

There wasn't a lot of time to shop for me, but I did get a couple of things that were on my "must buy" list, a couple of bobbins for my new Victoria from Carolina Homespun,

And a shed stick from Woody of Woodchuck Products , which is made of purpleheart and feels really good. It was joined by a pair of Brittany walnut size 5 needles, to replace the set at home that has a broken one. Woody somehow had a large container of these long-discontinued needles, and was selling them for the original price ($8.50!).

Last but certainly not least, I filled a bag with "end pieces" from Spinner's Hill, which are wool/mohair/silk and carded into the most beautiful clouds imaginable. I can't resist getting some every Maryland, my fix until next year.
That's pretty much it - no wheels, no fleeces, no splurges. I'm happy with the weekend, Jen was happy with the weekend for Spirit Trail, and now we're loading up the rig for the next show.

Speaking of Spirit Trail, check out the new yarn and sock clubs that Jen is taking sign-ups for. These are starting to fill up, and if you love knitting either socks, or luxury fibers, you will be interested.