Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Frustrating Thoughts

I have been less active than usual, because of the bum ankle (which is slowly beginning to get better, thanks for the good wishes). One of the things that I do when I'm laid up is watch TLC and HGTV - especially the home makeover and repair shows. You know, Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep and stuff like that.

One of the shows that I had on was about why the featured home isn't selling, and then the show swoops in with a crew and a couple of thousand dollars, and fixes up the house for an open house, resulting in everyone loving the house, and multiple offers over the asking price, and a happy ending. Now, as someone whose house is going on the market next month, who has lived in said house with her packrat husband for 14 years, who herself is a stasher of yarn, fiber, books, and other important things, and who is unable to stand for more than 1 minute without her cane and is avoiding stairs (did I mention said house is 3 stories, plus a full basement?) - can there be any show more depressing right now?

When Adam came home on Friday and caught the end of one of the episodes with me, he started talking about renting a storage unit to put things into before we try to sell. Are we really going to have to go that far? Can't we just throw out the needless clutter, box up a bunch of stuff and store it in the basement, and make sure everything is squeaky clean? I knew I'd hate the moving process, but didn't think I would start hating it so soon! Or maybe I should take some pictures, and send them off to one of those shows for some help.


What herb are you?
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Hmmm - catnip? I would rather be a calm herb, such as the Queen's chamomile, or a sweet one such as lavender, one of my favorites, but I can't really say that this is wrong. Must have been the independence answer.