Sunday, October 08, 2006

Overdyeing, or, Fun with Fuchsia

I started a pair of socks while on the Alaska cruise, with some of the ugliest sock yarn ever seen. This sock yarn is ugly enough that Martha found scads of it on sale for an insanely cheap price last year, and brought it to the KR Retreat in November to share.

Never one to pass on sock yarn, 2 balls were stashed for a rainy day, and then taken along as a quick cruise project. They got a lot of comments from the other knitters while I was working on them, and I began to wonder what the regular non-knitting folks thought when they say me working on them. "Wow, is she one of those rare color blind women?" So, the amazing Sara suggested overdyeing, and of course, she said, fuchsia is the perfect color for overdyeing pretty much everything. I finished the ugly socks, and here they are:

I didn't attempt dyeing while hobbling around in a cast, but last week I got out the Landscape dye, and here is the result:
(I added some of our filberts that had just been gathered, because it is fall and we have a bunch of them) (And, no, the socks really are the same size, I was just taking the picture at an angle so that there wouldn't be a flash glare)

Great colors, right? I will actually enjoy wearing these socks now, because hot pink, pinkish orange, purple and brown don't bother me at all.