Thursday, March 23, 2006


I have every good intention of not starting new projects for Lent, I really do.

But I've realized that I am addicted to knitting while on the train during my commute listening to recorded books on my iPod, preferably working on socks. This is the perfect way to pass the time in my opinion. Could I be catching up on work reading? Blech! Could I be reading a novel? Sure, but my fingers would be twitching, and then I'd have to be carrying a book with me, which is heavier than knitting and an iPod. So when I finished the 2 pairs of socks that I had started previously, I felt frustrated - I didn't have any commuting knitting.

Imagine my glee to find, in my overnight backpack that I haven't used lately, this:

It's a sock toe. Knitted with mystery yarn from the KR November Retreat swap table that feels suspiciously like Koigu or some other fingering weight merino, in very Shelia-like colors of aqua, hot pink and magenta. Already started before the beginning of Lent, so it qualifies as eligible for Lenten knitting. The second ball of yarn for its mate is also wound up, with the appropriate needles stuck in the ball (there's a reason that I can't always find the needles I want in my needle organizers, but that's another story). It was quickly put into my briefcase, and I happily listened to a Laurie King mystery and knitted on the train today.
The real project that I am working along on right now is the linen Lady Eleanor entrelac stole. I love the yarn, and the colors, and I like the interesting mindlessness of the entrelac. Why did it get put away in November? I could say that Christmas gift knitting took over, which wouldn't be entirely untrue, but there's also the undeniable fact that I am a starting slut - give me some great new yarn and I'll be tempted to start something new. I've learned to live with myself, and eventually lots of things do get done.
Here's Eleanor in progress:
I have been surprised how much I like knitting with the linen (worsted weight from Misty Mountain Farm) and am looking forward to the softening when it's completed and tossed in the washer and dryer. I like the idea of a non-wool wrap as well, for those cool summer and fall evenings when wool would be just a little too warm.
No spinning lately - hmm, maybe this weekend? I've been avoiding having spinning things out while the house has been on the market, because it is difficult to hide them away when it's being shown, but if the offer we have accepted gets signed, the wheel is the first thing that will emerge, and the drum carder will be the second!