Thursday, October 06, 2005

Breaking the Silence Momentarily

Nothing really much to post, but I did want to just pop on here to say that I will be posting about my spinning weekend and what I am currently knitting soon, but not today. I was just too tired on Sunday night to download the pictures, and on Monday morning I flew to Columbus for a couple of days, and last night was my Wednesday knitting group, so they are still not downloaded.

I could have done them this morning before work, but I really couldn't, because I still have dial-up at home, and it takes between 3 and 5 minutes to upload each picture to Snapfish, which is just too long at 5:25 in the morning (I catch a 6:26 train to Manhattan).

But I have been knitting, and spinning, and blending fibers, and combing the most amazing Icelandic lamb fleece. I've always been a little wary of Icelandic, because it felts if you simply look at it, but Claudia had brought this already-washed Icelandic to the spinning retreat for folks to play with, and there was a bunch left at the end, which soon joined my little stack of purchases (2 books and a few ounces of black alpaca, very controlled shopping for me) and will become some incredibly soft yarn in the near future. Even the tog is pretty soft, but I'm saving it to blend into sock yarn so that the downy thel can be spun alone.

Oh, and last night at knitting night I didn't knit, since I was feeling a little frazzled from the day, so I took along a couple of baggies of qiviut and my cotton cards. I then amazed the knitters by dehairing and carding an ounce of qiviut. As with most carding, this is a really relaxing process, especially when there is talk and laughter and knitting going on around you, just what my frazzled brain needed for a few hours. Well, that and the grande non-fat extra-hot latte, of course!

Pictures of spinning weekend and knitting coming soon.