Thursday, April 13, 2006

No-Name Shawl

I haven't yet started or made anything from Three-Cornered and Long Shawls, but over the past week I have made this:
It's a small shawl that just covers the shoulders and skims the waist, made of some stash odds and ends (there are 2 bands of slightly different colors at the bottom, kind of subtle differences from the main color) that I made to try out some stitch patterns. Mystery fiber content, since it didn't like to spit-splice much I suspect acrylic, some wool, some mohair, and a couple of shiny rayon threads. Modeled by Janice at our weekly knitting group since I couldn't find a good place to photograph it at home, and Janice was wearing a light colored tee shirt that worked well.
Other than that, I started spinning up the Limeola at a spinning afternoon Saturday at Seaport Yarn. The group was smaller than I've heard it has been, though since it was my first time going I couldn't really tell, and I became the spindle teacher by default. Andrea stocks Grafton Fibers fiber and spindles, so the new spindlers had good tools to learn with. I felt as if I was channeling our own B, who was teaching herself at a festival in Virginia.
I also make slow progress, in between other things, on my linen Lady Eleanor. It's a good thing that it's a summery shawl, because it might get finished and used this summer and fall, since it didn't make the past winter or my trips to the Southwest!